Adriatica Timber has been a timber broker for over 40 years.

We proudly treasure decades of experience in selecting the best sawmills and productions of finished products and semi-finished products in Asian markets. On top of following the entire production cycle and taking care of all logistic aspects, we also offer bonded warehouse’s space where to host customer’s goods.

Our team consists in specifically trained staff based in the operational headquarters in Trieste, which manages all the logistics flows and administrative aspects and by personnel residing in the production areas, who deal with the selection of best partners in the field. Our mission is to import products that meet the high technical standards required by the demanding Italian and European markets.

Learn about the supply chain from Indonesia

Learn about the supply chain from China


Sustainability is one of the key objectives with which we carry on our business. We work ethically and consistently with our values, respecting the environment and our collaborators.

Our wood comes from forests managed in a qualified way. Respect for the environment characterizes each phase of the production cycle of our selected partners.

Ensuring well-being for future generations is a collective responsibility, which is why we are proud to follow the requirements set by EUTR regulation. Regulation (EU) 995/2010, better known as EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), provides for compliance with a due diligence system and applies to wood and all wood products, including paper. Following each very step, Adriatica Timber makes sure to treat the wood without compromising in any way the environment.

All our material from Indonesia is FLEGT licensed and can also be certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council); this licensing system guarantees the traceability and legality of the timber along the entire supply chain, from the forests to the factories up to the export of materials. Thus, FLEGT-licensed products automatically meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation.

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